The management of motivation in the classroom

Antonio Beltran Pueyo. Published on 27-05-16

The management of motivation in the classroom

Throughout our life as trainers, we have had the opportunity to learn many effective ways and tricks of increasing motivation inside the classroom or even in virtual learning spaces. However, what makes it so difficult to put those tricks into practice?

The ability to manage language is extremely complex. There are many factors that play at the same time within a learning space, either virtual or face-to-face lessons. Nevertheless, each of them have as a starting point the natural energy of the people. That is, their motivation toward the success.

Everyone who works in teaching knows that there is a series of premises which will always help us strengthen students personal motivation. So, in order to understand them better we will provide a detailed explanation of some of them.

  • Encouraging constructive emotional environments.
  • Encouraging group and individual self-esteem.
  • Encouraging students self-confidence in their ability for a constant improvement.
  • Focusing the classroom evaluation on the daily progress it offers instead of on the errors or mistakes students can make during the process.
  • Getting rid of the failure concept and teach them to reinterpret it as a constant experience of learning.
  • Encouraging personal competence from a perspective based on personal principles and values that should be present inside the group.
  • Introduce tasks and activities which must be carried out as an stimulating as well as useful challenge for the confrontation of our everyday life.

Collaborative work

But, how should we act facing all those aspects in a real scenario?

We will have to take several steps further in order to turn the learning process into an exercise for human improvement. It deals with the construction of an internal strategy which favours personal excellence during the management of the learning processes. Actually, each of these processes has its onset on our own internal mechanism of communication.

In this sense, people who realize training labours need to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • Which will be our goals as trainers when starting an educational process?
  • How will we figure out the real situation of a classroom so as to bring it toward effective and efficient motivational states and goal attainment?
  • What will we do in order to facilitate our progress as trainers and that of the people who are part of the students’ group during the teaching process?
  • In which way will we encourage more proactive and opened attitudes towards the compromise inside the classroom?
  • How will we facilitate a behaviour oriented to learning avoiding the judgement of value of the identity of a person or group?

Be optimistic

There is a relation between our own personal motivation and the way we manage it inside the classroom. That is why, the management in the learning spaces demand to follow three significant principles:

First Principle: We need to learn how to detect the moments in which the learning process in the classroom is blocked or stopped.

Second Principle: We need to explore different ways that help us reactivate the learning experience among the people who participate in them.

Third Principle: We need to organize our training activities within a work plan that facilitates the continuous motivation and progress.

In this sense, each of the classrooms requires a different focus. Only from the personalization of our training strategies we could get the impact we really want.

Therefore, the key for managing the motivation in the classroom is to analyze how we manage our own motivation and how to project it within the face-to-face or virtual environments in which we work in our daily life.

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