How to manage the forum?

Hector Saiz Sánchez. Published on 28-08-17

How to manage the forum?

The forum is the place where you have to go in order to solve your doubts and also, to get to know other people’s doubts. In this interactive space you will be able to share your knowledge as well as to initiate discussions with your partners.

First you should look for the ‘Help’ tab in the horizontal green bar menu, click on it and then click on the button that says ‘Go to forum’. When you are inside you will find a list of topics.

This list shows the title, author, number of answers given and the date when last was answer published for each of the topics.

Edueca's forum

In case you want to answer any of the published topics you should click on the title name. Once you are in you will be able to see the topic more extensively and also, its comments which will be chronologically arranged (from the oldest one to the newest).

Furthermore you have the possibility to rate those comments by giving a like or not. Therefore, those comments which collect more likes will be the most reliable ones.

Example of a topic

On the other hand, if you want to open a new discussion thread or ask a new question you should click on the green button placed on the top right corner which says: “new topic”.

Data about the topics

Once you click, you must choose a title or a statement about the question you want to ask and type it in the related field (remember you must be concise).

In the message field you will be able to explain in detail your doubts, your point of view or to explain which purpose the debate has. Furthermore, you can change the font and size of text, among the options that Edueca offers.

Creation of a topic

When you finish, you can save and publish the content by clicking on the “save” green button, which is placed on the bottom right corner.

On the contrary, if you are not sure about what you have written or simply you just do not want to save it, click on the red button (placed below the green button) which says “cancel topic and go back to the forum”.

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